Our capabilities and abilities may take us to the top, but it is our character that can keep us there

Engineer Behrouz Moradi entered the field of industrial kitchen equipment industry in 2016. First, they started with the marketing and sales of coffee shop and juice shop equipment, and the conditions expanded as well.

Then they entered the sales and marketing of vectoring kitchen equipment. And after a period of time , after cooperating with a number of their colleagues in the field of selling industrial kitchen equipment, they decided to establish Alborz Tajiz company.

Alborz Tehzih Company, a provider of all industrial kitchen equipment, started its activity in 2009.

Engineer Behrouz Moradi started to grow in the field of communication, negotiation, marketing and sales with successive efforts in order to expand Alborz Equipment and by the grace of God, they are continuing this way with a much more precise structure.

At first, it started with the sale of a small number of equipment, and thanks to God, Alborz Tazefiz today offers more than 400 items in the field of industrial kitchen equipment. that customer orientation is the biggest pillar of Alborz thought.

He cooperated with many colleagues in different fields and gradually this caused Alborz Tafizis to reach a significant growth.

After 4 or 5 years, Alborz Tafiz became one of the most trusted brands in the market.

With the approach of AZCO, the very useful program Alborz Tehzih was created with the short name of sales and after-sales service of all industrial kitchen machines and equipment.

The main reason for this is because he started the work from the beginning, as the marketers say, and there was nothing but honesty in his thinking, and he has been honest with his customers and colleagues all these years.

This caused it to grow significantly thanks to the Lord of Alborz Alborz, and today it uses the potential of the modern marketing structure in its activities, and they have created all the space for customers, both in terms of information and in terms of video aspects. Marketing and sales and  modern marketing.

They establish all the communication with customers and today they are fully specialized in all fields of industrial kitchen equipment and it is hoped that in the next 10 years they will become one of the largest brands of import, export and sale of industrial kitchen equipment. to become in Iran.

Hopefully, it will be a winning card for our dear country Iran to serve the people of our country.

And this hope is based in our hearts that we can achieve excellent results in this field.

Be happy and victorious

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